There are two A Town Unearthed publications forthcoming later this year. The first is an illustrated  book which will draw together the latest findings of the project including new and exciting insights into  the history and archaeology of the town. The project is also publishing an ATU booklet which will be fully illustrated and will outline the history of the town from earliest times to the 1500s.

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Folkestone Roman villa archaeological excavation wins Current Archaeology Magazine award “Rescue Dig of the Year” The excavations that took place at the site of the Roman Villa on East Cliff in 2010 and 2011 as part of the community archaeology project A Town Unearthed; Folkestone before 1500, have won the Current Archaeology magazine awards as the 2013 rescue dig of the year. The award is the result of an article written by Keith Parfitt of Canterbury Archaeological Trust. Thank you to all ATU

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